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About a week ago we published proposed changes to unlisted content to improve usability. We asked for feedback, and in the days that followed received a lot of great suggestions and real-world examples of how our proposed changes would help (and in some cases hurt) workflow. So we went back to the drawing board.

Here's our new plan:

Continue to allow public content in unlisted albums

Nothing would change here. You would still be able to mix public and unlisted content together in an unlisted album. You'll also be able to continue mixing public and unlisted content in public albums as well (which we weren't planning on changing).

Public images/videos will become unlisted when added to unlisted albums only if they are new

If an image or video is imported directly to an unlisted album through either your browser or the Lightroom plugin, that image / video will be assigned unlisted visibility to match its parent album. You may then change the image/video visibility to public thereafter, should you choose to do so, and the image/video will stay in the album.

If one or more (already imported) public images/videos are added to an unlisted album, Koken will ask if you'd like to change their visibility to match. If not, the images/videos will be added. If yes, the images/videos will be added and changed to unlisted.

Changing an album from public to unlisted

Koken will check to see if the album contains public images/videos. If it does, Koken will ask if you'd like to assign unlisted visibility to all content in the album as well. If not, that's okay. The album will change to unlisted and the images/videos inside will be left alone.

New "Unlisted" view in the Library

Collections have this already, but not content. We're going to add an "Unlisted" view to the Library's left column that -- when selected -- displays all unlisted images/videos. This will also allow us to change the default sort of "All content" to "Date published" (instead of "Date captured") so that what you see in the Library matches the "Date published" order of your site's contents (aka photostream) page and timeline.

Extend global visibility setting to albums

Inside Settings > Importing is a setting that controls default visibility. This setting (currently) applies to imported images/videos only. As part of this update we're going to extend this setting to cover albums as well. That way, if a publisher changed this setting to unlisted and published a new album of images from Lightroom, the album and all the images contained therein would be unlisted from the get-go.


We feel this approach still accomplishes the goals we set out originally, but does so in a manner that doesn't conflict with anyone's current workflow and maintains Koken's flexibility in regard to content management in the library. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to get in touch. Our plan is for these changes to be rolled into Koken 0.14, our next console update.

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Instagram Import, our premium plugin for importing and publishing Instagram images, has been updated with an entirely new interface and authentication procedure. The plugin now connects directly with Instagram's API and displays a list of all your Instagram images inside the library. Simply scroll, select, and press Import. Instagram Import retrieves your images as well as their titles and hashtags.

Instagram Import 1.5 also adds a new Instagram site template. This uses your theme's existing contents.lens template and displays all your imported Instagram images sorted by recency. You can find the template option in the Add Links sheet in Site (shown below).

This update is free for everyone who's already purchased the plugin. For everyone else, we're running a special 50% off promotion through this Friday, April 25th. Pick it up for $10 today through the Koken Store.

Koken offers the unique ability to designate albums, sets, images and videos as unlisted. This allows you to publish content to your site that can't be seen by general visitors or search engines. Unlisted content can only be viewed using secret urls.

In general it works great, but there's always room for improvement. One of the things we've learned from the past year is that the relationship between unlisted images/videos and albums can be confusing. We're planning on improving unlisted content in our next major update (0.14), but before committing pen to paper, we thought we'd share our proposed changes to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Here's where people typically get confused. Time and time again we've seen users create unlisted albums, then add images/videos to those albums and expect the images/videos to be unlisted as well. This doesn't happen because images, videos, albums and sets all have their own visibility setting. So you'd have to first create an unlisted album, add the images/videos you want, then edit the visibility of all images/videos inside the album to unlisted to publish a truly unlisted collection of content. In other words, it's a pain.

Here's our plan for fixing this.

Unlisted albums may only include unlisted images/videos

Public images/videos will no longer be allowed inside unlisted albums. In order for them to be added they must have unlisted visibility. Which leads to our next change...

Public images/videos will become unlisted when added to unlisted albums

If you drag/drop one or more public images/videos into an unlisted album, or import images/videos directly to an unlisted album, Koken will automatically set their visibility to unlisted.

Changing an album from public to unlisted

Let's say you have a public album containing public images and/or videos. If you try to change the album's visibility to unlisted, Koken will ask permission: "Unlisted albums may not contain public content. All public content in this album will change to Unlisted if applied. That okay?" Click okay and the album and all its images/videos will change to unlisted and be no longer accessible through your public site. 


That's our plan. We believe it will make editing and publishing unlisted content clearer and easier to control. If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions, please contact us directly or post a question publicly. 

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Koken 0.13.2 released

Koken 0.13.2 is out the door and now available for download. This release includes a couple of notable improvements and updates:

Global preference for date published / captured

Our last update added batch date editing and shifting, with an additional option to copy captured dates to published dates so images appear in contents and timeline pages using the date they were actually taken, not the date they were uploaded and published by Koken. We've expanded this with a new global preference for those who'd prefer their images to always be published by their captured date. Check it out in Settings > Importing.

Update button

We've also updated Settings > Console so it displays the version number of your installation, plus an update button that appears when new versions of Koken are made available. This makes it easier to check whether your installation is up to date or download updates if you ignored an earlier alert.

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Editing the published, uploaded and captured dates for individual images has always been possible with Koken, but not with multiple images at a time. For those uploading large amounts of archival content it was an issue that could easily lead to an arduous editing process.

Not anymore. Koken 0.13 not only allows you to assign new dates to multiple images at once, but shift existing dates forward and backward in time. Here's how it works.

Assign new date and time

Select two or more images, then edit Date Published. The default option is Assign new date and time. Select a date and time from the calendar widget and each selected image receives the same date and time.

Shift each date and time

Select Shift each date and time and a series of rows appear to increment or decrement the date and time currently assigned to each image. This will be super useful in situations where a sequence of images are in the correct date order but need to be shifted forward or backward in time together without affecting their original order.

Assign date captured

Edit Date Published for one or more images and you'll notice an extra option: Assign date captured. This copies the captured date from each image (which comes from the image's EXIF metadata). We included this option because images on the timeline and contents (aka photostream) pages are ordered by date published, which is usually the same date an image was uploaded to Koken. By copying date captured the image appears to have been published at the time it was captured so it's inline with related images.

If this is your first Koken upgrade, learn more about how upgrades work.

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We've learned a lot since releasing our first public beta a year ago. Throughout the year we fixed bugs, improved features and expanded the platform with new functionality. More often than not, that transpired all at once in the form of overstuffed updates.

Sometimes in development there's no way to avoid big updates when features overlap one another, but all too often we found ourselves with new features and improvements sitting on the sidelines waiting for other tickets to close. On top of that, big updates create huge spikes and valleys in development cycles which can overheat and exhaust the engines of everyone involved.

So, we're retooling our release cycle for the rest of the year. The plan? Shorter sprints comprised of one or two new features per update, then pulling the trigger. This will not only allow us to release improvements faster (every few weeks, we estimate) but also help you keep on top of what's new without having to sift through a giant bullet point list every couple of months.

We'll still be including bug fixes and other tweaks, so nothing will change there. But anything that's new or notable will have its own dedicated milestone and release.

Already that effort is paying off. Our next point update -- 0.13 -- is nearly finished. It will incorporate the ability to assign time-shifted dates to multiple selections in the Library. This will be enormously helpful when you need to adjust the published, uploaded, or captured date for a range of images and videos. Expect more info on that soon.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and feedback. Our to-do list is long, but we're super excited to start tackling each and every new feature in the year ahead.

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Updates in your inbox

We know, you're busy. You don't always have time to sign-in to your Koken installation, follow this blog or peruse our social media outbursts to check for updates. We're going to fix that.

Starting today a new email is available for you to subscribe to. When enabled, we'll check (once a week) the installations, themes and plugins in your Koken Store account. If anything is out of date we'll email a summary of what we found. Here's an example email:

Important: This email is opt-in, so if you have a Koken Store account and would like to receive it, sign-in to your account and check this:

If you don't have a Koken Store account, sign-in to your Koken installation, click the Store link in the main navigation, then Account in the left column.

Expect to receive your first email the next time an installation, theme or plugin in your account receives an update. Happy downloading!

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Just released a 0.12.5 update to resolve some quirky things we found since our most recent release. See what all is fixed in our release notes.

We've also fixed up our side-scrolling Boulevard theme so it works better with imported Vimeo videos and resolves slow-scroll problems on the Windows flavor of Firefox. We've also resolved an occasional (and rather annoying, to us anyway) content flickering problem where images would sometimes appear underneath the strip. If you're using Boulevard, first update your installation to 0.12.5, then go to Store > Updates to get the Boulevard update. After updating your live site will use the new theme update.

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Koken 0.12, the first release to incorporate the Koken Store, is now available for download. We've talked about the Store already, so this post will focus on the other improvements you will see after updating your installation.

Theme and plugin updates

All your installed themes and plugins are now updated through a dedicated Updates page. Themes and plugins were updatable before, but now everything is organized together on a single page with release notes, version information, plus an Update All button that downloads and installs everything with one click.

The screen is accessed through the Koken Store. You will be notified anytime an update is available with an orange alert bubble (shown above) over the Store link reflecting the total number of available items.


You may be wondering, hey, where'd the Upload link go!? Yes, it's true, the main navigation no longer includes an Upload link. We redesigned and improved uploading in Koken 0.12 to not only import videos from Vimeo and images from Instagram but also make desktop uploading easier and more convenient.

Dragging an image into an empty album

Now you don't have to go to a separate screen to upload content from your desktop. You simply drag-and-drop images or videos into the Library's middle column and the items begin uploading immediately. For bonus points, if an album is currently selected, the images are automatically added to the selected album after import. Same goes for Favorites and Featured content - imported content is automatically favorited and/or featured for you.

On top of all that we've also added an option for importing images from anywhere online using their URL, which you can read more about in our new Import content help article.


Another item on our agenda was improving Koken's built-in lightbox viewer. We redesigned the links and icons to be brighter so they stand-out more above images and also added a new social media share menu which contains links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ so site visitors can easily share lightbox content with their followers.

We've also improved how the lightbox loads. Before, the lightbox was treated as a separate page, which meant after exiting the lightbox you would sometimes lose your place when navigating back to where you were. Now the lightbox is spawned as an inline iframe above the page you're currently viewing, so on index pages with long lists of content (like mosaic grid layouts in Madison and Regale) entering and exiting the lightbox no longer takes you out of the parent page.


Those are the feature highlights of Koken 0.12. There are a few other smaller things in this release, which you may check out in our release notes. Also don't forget to visit the new Koken Store, which includes entirely new versions of our popular Madison and Regale themes plus four new premium plugins: Image WatermarksVimeo ImportInstagram Import and Image Protector.

Several people wrote in concerning a recent development where sites are loading without text when viewed in the latest release of Google Chrome (v33). We've been researching the issue and it appears a recent "fix", as noted in this post from Typekit, is now causing this separate but related issue. From what we gather the issue has been resolved in their latest Canary builds (beta versions of the browser), so a fix for the standard version of the browser should be released soon. The only way to avoid this bug currently is to change the typefaces your site is using from a webfont to a system-based font like Helvetica, Lucida Grande, Arial, etc, which may be selected through your theme's settings. We'll update this post when we hear anything more or see an update released.

Koken Store sneak preview

Providing a storefront to download themes, plugins and other items has been part of our development plan for Koken since the beginning, for we believe a great publishing platform isn't defined by the core application alone but the variety of ways the application can be extended and enhanced to meet the needs of all types of users.

We will soon be taking our first steps toward realizing that goal by launching the Koken Store, a marketplace that will serve as an important backbone for all our future expansion efforts. The store will launch with new and existing items developed by us, but will expand later this year to include items created by third parties as well.

Store features

We could have developed your average e-commerce site and called it a day, but you deserve better. Koken Store will include these key features:

Built into Koken - The store will be accessible through all installations of Koken. Click "Store" in the main navigation and an entirely new section will appear for you to browse all the themes, plugins and add-ons the store offers.

Koken - Store

Themes and plugins install automatically - Put down that FTP client! Store themes and plugins will automatically download and install to your Koken installation. No mess, no fuss.

Koken - Store

Convenient updates - You're busy enough. Last thing you need is to keep track of when an update for a theme or plugin is available. Koken Store will provide a dedicated Updates screen displaying convenient upgrade links for anything your installation is using.


For new installations of Koken, Elementary (one of our current themes) will now be the default theme. All other themes will be available separately through the Koken Store. Existing installations of Koken will retain all themes currently installed.

At launch, Koken Store will include completely rebuilt, 2.0 versions of two of our most popular themes: Regale and Madison. Both of these themes will be separate paid themes, so you may continue using their current free versions or upgrade if interested. The current versions of all other themes — Axis, Boulevard, Chastain, Observatory and Repertoire — will remain free.

Madison 2

Madison has been completely redesigned from top-to-bottom. It will still have its classic fixed side column and scrollable main area, but will now incorporate a fluid layout for larger photos, optional mosaic grid content layout, side column right alignment, albums index page, splash page, lightbox overlays, plus far more customization options than before.

Madison 2

Regale 2

Regale will also be updated along similar lines to include more customization controls, a completely revamped, hand-built mosaic grid layout engine (codenamed "Pillar"), lightbox overlays (instead of individual photo pages, if you want that), customizable image loading animations and more.


Koken Store will incorporate all of the free plugins currently available for download at our Help Center plus a handful of new premium plugins:

Vimeo Import

Vimeo Import will make it possible for videos published at Vimeo to be imported to the Koken Library. You'll be able to browse, select and import videos from your Vimeo account, group them into collections, and manage them like any other Library asset. The videos are then published to your Koken site using Vimeo's HTML5 video player. Speaking of Vimeo's player, you'll also be able to modify the player's color, text, and other standard embed options.

Koken - Store

Instagram Import

Operating in similar fashion to the Vimeo plugin will be a new Instagram Import plugin. This plugin will...you guessed it...import your images from Instagram. You simply copy/paste the page url of the image you'd like to import and Koken will retrieve the image, copy its title and (optionally) create tags from the #hashtags in its title.

Image Protector

Image Protector will provide obfuscation and blocking to help prevent image copying. This will prevent browser drag-and-drop and replace the browser's right-click menu with a configurable copyright message. You'll also have the option of preventing images at or above a particular dimension from being indexed by Google Images, Bing, and Yahoo. Pinterest pinning will be configurable as well.

Image Watermarks

Another security related plugin will be Image Watermarks. This plugin will apply watermarks to all site images or only images above a particular dimension (so thumbnails aren't affected). Watermarks will scale in proportion to their target images so they'll always be the same relative size. Placement, opacity, scale, offset, and tiling will also be editable.

Koken - Store

Launching soon!

We're super excited about Koken Store and expect to be launching it and all the items above very soon.

Also, we should mention that it was exactly one year ago today we made the first Koken public beta available for download. We think Koken has grown and improved a great deal since, but there's always more to do. Expect to see plenty of Koken improvements and new features all year long.

Koken 0.11.3 released

Today we've released a quick console update (0.11.3) to address an issue that affected the most recent version of Google Chrome. If you were affected by it you'd know it, for Chrome would suddenly display its infamous "Aw, Snap" blue screen of death when accessing the Library. Upgrade to 0.11.3 and the snapping should cease.

This fix also resolves a responsive sizing problem with YouTube videos embedded in essays/pages. They should now scale to the full width of their container as expected.

First time upgrader? Check out these instructions.

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Now available for download is an updated version of our Lightroom Publish Service plugin. Version 1.2.0 features the following improvements:

  • Improved set management to avoid collection structure issues in the Library.
  • Smarter asset tracking to prevent duplicate images from being created in the Library.
  • "Go to published photo" link in Lightroom now goes to the image's public URL on your site.
  • Tags are no longer sent with uploaded images if the metadata export option is set to anything other than "All metadata."
Check out the plugin's upgrade instructions if you need help getting your installed copy up-to-date.

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Team Koken circa 1930. Library and Archives Canada, Creative Commons

Out today is Koken 0.11, our latest major console update. If you have an installation of Koken, sign-in and click the Install now button at the top of the console to get the latest. Most of the themes have been updated as well, so while you're in there click over to Site > Themes to update those too.

For this release our team decided to take a couple of steps back, pop open the hood and dig deep into the core of the application. Instead of adding new features we focused all our attention on what's been developed thus far to find ways to improve and optimize. We not only improved general application performance, but also fine-tuned the app for each of the most popular web hosting providers where Koken is typically installed.

Our to-do list also contained a number of small bugs and quirky things we'd been meaning to get to, so we rolled some of those in as well. If you'd like to read all the details, or are just having a hard time falling asleep, check the release notes.

With 0.11 out the door we'll now be focusing all our attention on the launch of the Koken Store, which we'll be publishing more information about soon. We'll also be releasing a series of major console upgrades over the next few months, each containing new features and functionality.

As always, thanks to our community of users who help support and recommend Koken to their friends, clients and colleagues. If you have any questions or issues, post a question here. Happy new year!

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What a year it's been

Before everyone scatters for the December holidays we wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who took the time to give Koken a whirl this year. We recognize the fact that content management systems are typically not the easiest products to install and troubleshoot, not to mention the inherent learning curve of acclimating yourself to an entirely different system. It takes time, patience and personal commitment, and we're humbled by the attention, enthusiasm, and constructive feedback you've provided us with every day of every week this year. We've tried our best to reciprocate by fixing what's broken, clarifying what's confusing, and improving what's half-baked. With your help, Koken has greatly improved since the the first public beta, and we couldn't be happier with where we are today.

We had initially planned on releasing a major console update (0.11) before hitting the road, but as it happens during the holidays, plans changed. This release will include some notable under-the-hood changes to optimize Koken's performance and usability across all web hosting providers, and our team simply needs more time to test it out. You can expect to see that release sometime in early January.

Speaking of 2014, part of the reason why we've been relatively quiet the past couple of months is because outside of the CMS we've also been working on a major new initiative -- the Koken Store. We'll be sharing details with you early next year, but for now know that soon you'll have a central place to browse Koken themes, plugins, and related add-ons. We're also developing some new items to help launch the store in style, which we'll tell you more about soon!

So in closing, we've had a great year. Thousands of people from every corner of the globe have not only installed Koken to give it a look but are also actively using it every day to publish their sites. That, for us, is the greatest indicator that we're on the right track, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

All the best, and we'll see you again in 2014!

Koken 0.10.5 released

While working on some great new stuff for Koken (we'll be sharing that with you when the time is right), we're also keeping a close eye on bugs reported by our ever-growing throng of beta users. We've just published a new maintenance release that resolves many of the issues you've brought to our attention over the last few weeks. Thanks again for your diligent testing and feedback.

You can upgrade to Koken 0.10.5 now by following these instructions. Also check out our release notes for a full rundown of the changes.

Koken 0.10.4 released

A new maintenance release for Koken is now available that resolves several issues reported by our fine beta testers. The main fix is a rather annoying upload issue that would cause the file browsing window to reopen several times in some cases when trying to upload.

You can upgrade to Koken 0.10.4 now by following these instructions. Also check out our release notes for other changes.

One of the interesting bits of user feedback we received about the timeline in Koken 0.10 concerned published timestamps for Library content. As developed initially, uploaded images/videos appeared as timeline events the day they were uploaded. Or in the case of albums and sets, the day they were created. This wasn't an issue when uploading, creating and publishing content all on the same day, but some users temporarily set their Library content's visibility to Unlisted or Private to make edits before taking them live. This would cause old timestamps to be used when their Library content was published.

So in Koken 0.10.3 (out today) we've added an editable "Published" date to all Library items (albums, sets, images and videos). This date captures the day/time the selected item appeared on your public web site. Unlisted and Private content aren't public, and thus display "Not published" instead of a timestamp. Change an item's visibility from Unlisted/Private to Public at any time and the Published date reflects the current day/time.

The net result? All Library content now display accurate timestamps when appearing as timeline events.

One more timeline related change while we have your attention. We've also tweaked our timeline event filtering to be a bit smarter when it comes to images/videos added to albums. There were certain situations where uploaded images/videos would still appear as individual content events, but Koken 0.10.3 resolves this by ensuring that any image/video that is part of an album never appears as its own event. Only uploaded images/videos that aren't part of any album now appear.

Koken 0.10.3 is out now and can be downloaded by following these instructions. Also check out our release notes for other changes.

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New in Koken 0.10 is an "Expand" option for Pulse (our configurable slideshow component). This option allows Pulse slideshows to automatically expand and contract their height to display every image at their native aspect ratio without shrinkage.

Here's how Pulse slideshows are typically sized. By selecting 3:2 (the default), a slideshow scales 100% wide to fill its container, then assigns a height equal to the opposing ratio size. In the screenshot below, the slideshow's column is 600px wide, which creates a slideshow 600px wide by 400px high. When a 3:2 image is loaded it fills the entire area of the slideshow. Load a portrait image and the image is the same height as the landscape, but contains fewer pixels comparatively with a width of 267px and height of 400px.

Now we'll change the size to "Expand". When the portrait image loads, the slideshow expands down to display it at a height that matches the width of the initial 3:2 image. This displays the portrait image 150% larger than it was before for a new dimension of 400 x 600px.

This option can be turned on with any Pulse slideshow, but we only recommend using it on pages where the slideshow is the main feature as opposed to essays, for the expansion and contraction of the slideshow's container will cause content underneath to move downward and upward.

Photos by Mike Monaghan. Creative Commons.

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