Koken 0.5.4 released

A new point update for Koken has been released that addresses a few issues reported to us after yesterday's (awesome) public beta release. You can read what's been fixed in our release notes.

To update your installation to 0.5.4 (and all future updates for that matter), sign-in to your Koken installation. Underneath the main navigation will be a message row asking if you'd like to ignore or install the latest version (see screenshot below). Click "Install now" and your installation will be automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest.

If you don't see the update message, wait a few minutes or try clearing your browser cache. Sometimes it can take a little time for the console to recognize that an update is available.

In the days ahead we'll continue looking into any other issues reported to us. If you spot a problem not resolved by this release, feel free to contact our support team. Thanks again to all the fantastic people who not only took the time to download and install Koken but report back to us with their impressions, feedback, and questions. We greatly appreciate it.

Categories: Updates