Koken 0.5.6 released

As we wrote about yesterday, we've been furiously sifting through emails and tweets in an attempt to identify any and all issues in the current beta. Thanks to your feedback, we're happy to announce a new release today (0.5.6) that resolves over 20 issues. For a full list of the changes, see the release notes.

To update your installation to 0.5.6, sign-in to your Koken installation. Underneath the main navigation will be a message row asking if you'd like to ignore or install the latest version. Click "Install now" and your installation will be automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest. If you don't see the update message, wait a few minutes or try clearing your browser cache. Sometimes it can take a little time for the console to recognize that an update is available.

Still seeing problems when running 0.5.6? Feel free to contact our support team and we'll be happy to take a look.

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