Koken 0.7 released

Koken 0.7 is now available for download. This release includes a range of console interface improvements, bug fixes, theme updates plus a few new things we'd like to point out.

Image quality, sharpness and cache

We've split "Publishing" in Settings into two sections -- "Site publishing" and "Image publishing". The latter includes settings related to image publishing only, including a new "Quality / Sharpness" option. Koken's default values for quality and sharpness are fine for most publishers, but you may now fine-tune these values for each image size Koken generates by unchecking the "Use default settings" option and dragging the sliders that appear underneath, as shown below.

Also new is a handy "Clear image cache" control. This is a troubleshooting utility that makes it easier for those experiencing an image cache issue to delete all generated images. Much easier and faster than using an FTP client.

New template tags: has_tag and has_category

Some designers asked if it's possible to check whether an album, image, or other item is assigned a particular tag or category to conditionally include styles or other markup in their template. This could be used, for example, to apply a different design to an album template if an album is assigned a particular tag. So we're including in this release new conditional tags for has_tag and has_category to make this possible. Check out Lens tags for more info.

Theme drafts

One thing that's easy for new users to overlook is that drafts of themes are saved anytime the current theme changes. Some users, instead of selecting a saved draft to change back to a theme they used previously, would select the theme again in "Themes"; causing any modifications made to the theme previously to be lost.

So in this release we've implemented a new utility to prevent this from occurring (see below). It pops up anytime you try to apply a theme that's already been saved as a draft. This should hopefully prevent publishers from accidentally overwriting their saved drafts.

Check out the release notes to see everything else that's in this update. To upgrade to 0.7 with an existing installation, sign-in to your console and look for the upgrade prompt at the top. If you don't see one, wait a bit and you should see it appear soon.

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