Tip: Replace original

We know how it is. You spend a late night tweaking a photo's exposure, white balance, contrast and other properties, then upload it to your web site before signing-off for the night. Next day you wake up with a fresh set of eyes, view the uploaded photo on your site and notice a range of things you'd like to fix.

But the photo has already been published, so you don't want to delete it and break its url, but you really need to update the image. What do you do?

Koken resolves this common scenario by allowing you to replace any image in the Library with a new original. Simply select the image you need to update, then select "Replace original" from the Edit menu (see below). Select the updated version on your local drive, and you're done. Koken will replace the original image file, retain all metadata assigned to it (titles, captions, etc), and publish the new version in place of the old anywhere the image appears on your site.

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