Koken 0.8 preview

Work is underway on our next major point update (0.8). As part of this release we'll be rolling out two major new features: custom urls and improved album/set cover control.

Set covers, improved cover management

Album and set covers are assigned automatically through the console's Library interface. They are used when publishing preview images for albums and sets on your web site.

Album covers are currently editable, but set covers are not. Set covers are automatically assigned using the covers of the albums added to them. Koken 0.8 will improve this by allowing set covers to be editable just like album covers while also improving the methods for adding, removing and ordering cover images.

Koken 0.8 will display assigned covers in a grid at the top of the Inspector panel whenever an album or set is selected. The order in which the images appear is the order in which they'll appear in site themes that support multiple covers. Themes that display only a single cover will use the first "primary" image.

Ordering covers will be as simple as drag and drop. Moving an image to the first position will make the image the primary cover.

Removing covers will also be handled by the new interface. Simply mouse over the cover you want to remove and click the "x" button at top right.

Adding covers will be simplified by allowing you to drag and drop images from the middle column onto album and set titles in the left. Assuming the image is part of the album or set you're dragging it to, the image will be assigned as the collection's primary cover.

You'll still be able to assign album covers through the Library's "Edit" menu, but these enhancements should make covers easier to add, remove and order.

Custom urls and labels

Koken 0.8 will dramatically improve site url formatting. For example, Koken currently publishes album urls like this:


That works, but doesn't tell us anything about the content the link is pointing to. Koken 0.8 will publish album urls like this instead:


That's better.

But wait...what if you'd prefer "albums" in the url to be something different, like "work"? Taking that a step further, you'd probably then also want "Work" in your navigation and page titles as well. Koken 0.8 will handle this by allowing you to edit data labels like "Content", "Albums", "Sets" and "Essays". This will produce urls that look like this:


The navigation link to the Albums page would then be labeled as "Work". References to that label -- including the page header in the default Boulevard theme -- would also display "Work", as illustrated below:


Koken 0.8 will also include the usual round of fixes and enhancements, but cover management and custom urls will be the highlights. Expect to see this release made available in about a couple of weeks.

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