Site: Cephas

This is the first in an ongoing series where we feature web sites published with Koken. Kicking things off in style is the portfolio site of Taiwanese fashion designer Cephas.

Designed and developed by sliiice, this site uses a custom theme that takes full advantage of Koken's responsive media publishing and Retina/HiDPI image quality. Large, tack sharp photos are scaled to the browser window and are seamlessly navigated using clever preloading and hover/touch controls. Cephas' diamond-shaped branding is carried through in the form of masks applied to album covers and loading animations, while the web fonts Abel and Capsuula lend a unique style to the typography.

Be sure to check out the site if you own a relatively new iPad or tablet with a HiDPI screen to see its (already stunning) photography in even higher definition.

If you've created something using Koken we should consider for a future feature, contact us anytime. We can't wait to see what you've built.

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