We've been steadily expanding our Help Center with additional tutorials to help you get more out of Koken. Here's a list of new tutorials we've recently posted.

Console tutorials

New tutorials that focus on using Koken's administrative console.

Add new site sections

The Add new site sections tutorial explains how you can add additional index pages to your site to present filtered content. For example, you might consider publishing a list of uploaded content from a particular year, albums that are featured, essays marked with a particular tag, or anything else you'd like to call attention to. View tutorial

Add topics to essays

Topics allow you to write essays about one or more albums in your Library. For example, you could publish a behind-the-scenes story about a particular collection of images, feature some of your favorites, then link to the full album so readers may browse the entire shoot. View tutorial

Edit links and labels

Links and labels are a new feature in Koken 0.8 that allow you to edit how links are formatted as well as how content is labeled. You could edit these settings to use (for example) "Projects" instead of "Albums" to label your work. Or "Blog" instead of "Essays". However you edit content labels your edits are reflected in site urls, page links, titles, and anywhere else necessary. View tutorial

Replace uploaded original

Chances are you've found yourself in situations where you'd like to replace an image you've already uploaded (and linked to on your site). Koken makes this incredibly easy by permitting you to replace any image that's already in your Library with a new version without affecting its site link, assigned data, or anything else. View tutorial

Upload directly to an album

Did you know you can upload media directly to an album in the Library? You can. Koken allows you to target a particular album as part of the upload process so that newly uploaded items are automatically added to your selected album after they've finished uploading. View tutorial

Theme design tutorials

For those designing their own themes:

Assign a template as the front page

You can decide which template in your theme should be used as the front page of a publisher's site. This means you don't have to include index.lens and may substitute a different template in its place. View tutorial

Create a custom page

Custom .lens templates are now easier than ever to incorporate into a theme. Simply name a HTML document with ".lens" as its file suffix and Koken will support it. View tutorial

Create a new section template

Section templates allow you to add additional layouts for index templates so that publishers have additional presentation options when publishing content. View tutorial


Expect to see more tutorials like these in the months ahead as we continue to update and improve Koken.

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