Koken 0.9, our next major console update, will offer a range of new features, enhancements and improvements. Here's a sneak preview of a few new features that will be coming your way soon.

Focal Point

Cropped photos sometimes need an extra bit of finesse to look their best. If the subject of an image is off-center (common with portraits) a photo could appear like this when cropped by a site theme:

Koken 0.9's "Focal Point" utility will allow to you fine-tune how crops are handled by designating the area in each uploaded photo you'd like to retain. Simply drag the new focus ring to the most important area of an image, then release. Here's a screenshot of a focal point being edited in the Library:

Here's what the same image would then look like on the web site:

All focal point data is saved in the Library, so if you ever switched site themes your images would be re-cropped using their assigned focal points.

Featured images for essays and pages

Essays and pages will be updated in Koken 0.9 to support featured images. This will allow you to insert or upload a representative image for both types of written content.

How a featured image is displayed on a published site is dependent on the theme being used, but most designers use them for tabloid-style layouts where excerpts and titles of essays appear on a home page or as part of an essay archive page. Koken's built-in Repertoire theme includes essays on its home page, and will be updated in 0.9 to support featured images. Here's a preview of what that'll look like:

Featured essays

In addition to featured images, Koken 0.9 will include featured essays as well. This will allow you to editorially feature a select group of essays on your site. Like featured images, how featured essays appear will depend on your chosen theme, but we foresee theme designers displaying featured essays in essay side columns or as part of home page layouts.

New HTML editor for essays and pages

Editing the source of an essay or page is about to get much better. We're migrating over the same editor and interface Custom CSS in Site uses. This will provide syntax highlighting, a better interface that can be docked or expanded upward for a complete view, plus the ability to make edits in both the rich and HTML editors simultaneously (and preview changes in both). Here's a screenshot of what the new HTML editor will look like:

More to come

Those are the highlights of Koken 0.9. We're also working on a few other features and improvements for this release, which we'll provide info on later. Expect to see Koken 0.9 land sometime late June or early July.

Photo credits: "Focal Point" and "Featured images" portrait images by Mike Monaghan.

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