Koken 0.9 released

It's that time again, folks. Out and now available for download is Koken 0.9, a new update that includes over 50 improvements to the system. To upgrade, simply sign-in to your installation and click the update button. There's a whole lot of behind-the-scenes stuff you can read about in the full release notes, but here we're going to cut to the chase and highlight the things you should know about. Here we go.

Focal points

Cropped images can sometimes use an extra bit of finesse to look their best. To help make that possible we've added a Focal Point utility to the Library. It provides an easy, simple way to show Koken what the most important part of an image is so it looks better when cropped.

Featured images for essays/pages

Essays and pages may now have their own visual preview. Simply add or upload an image to an essay or page and it will be assigned as the article's featured image. Should come in handy for tabloid style theme layouts that incorporate essays on their home pages, like our updated Repertoire theme.

Featured essays

Draw attention to your best work by featuring essays. We've updated the default themes Axis, Boulevard, Madison and Observatory to support featured essay lists on essay pages, as well as the the home page of Repertoire to (optionally) display featured instead of recent essays.

Improved HTML editor for essays/pages

Coders will appreciate the new HTML editor for essays and pages. It offers syntax highlighting, code completion, and can be used alongside the rich text editor to preview edits in both editors simultaneously.

Tumblr sharing

People share a lot of photos on Tumblr, so we added it as a share option to all the default themes as well as the Library inside Koken's console. This allows you to publish images to your personal Tumblog without leaving the Library.

Reverse order button

Sometimes content can be unintentionally added to an album in the opposite order of what you intended. To help save time and effort we've added a reverse order button to the bottom of the Library that flips the manual order of any album.

Titles and captions for embedded slideshows

Slideshows inserted into essays and pages can now display titles and captions underneath just like inserted images can. The text automatically updates as each image appears in the slideshow.

sets.lens template

New Lens template added to display all the top-level sets from the Library.

Sort by filename

Filename has been added as a sort option for site templates. This allows you to display content in ascending or descending order using content filenames.


If you'd like to read more, dig in to our release notes to see the full list of fixes and improvements. If you've never upgraded Koken before, simply sign-in to your installation and follow the prompt. The upgrade will download and be applied automatically.

As always, a special thank you to all the beta testers who've provided exquisite feedback and bug reports. Every day Koken gets better with you on board. And please remember to share your sites with us! We'd love to see what you're building.

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