Koken 0.9.3 released

Today we're releasing Koken 0.9.3, a console update that improves a range of existing features and fixes a few issues that have popped-up in recent weeks. Sign-in to your installation and click the Update that appears at the top of the console to get the latest.

We initially planned on 0.9.3 being a small bug fixer, but ended up incorporating a number of updates and improvements. Here are a few highlights we're excited to share.

Hide the "Home" link

The front (a.k.a. "Home")" navigation link may now be hidden in any theme. This comes in handy for those who'd rather use their site title or logo to direct visitors back to their home page. Simply look for the link marked as "front" in the left column of Site, toggle open its settings, then click hide.

Smarter video scaling

Everyone loves videos that scale to fill responsive layouts, but to a point. Once a video starts to expand past its original dimensions its quality begins to decrease. Images don't have this problem (for we simply grab a larger image), but videos don't have that luxury.

Koken 0.9.3 makes uploaded videos smarter by preventing them from scaling past their original dimensions when embedded in a page. This creates better looking videos and fewer problems incorporating images and videos together in the same page layout.

Improved multi-select content editing

Assigning tags, categories and other data to multiple selections in the Library has been greatly improved. The Inspector column now displays the tags, categories and other data that are common to each selected item. Pop open the edit panel for tags and categories and Koken will delve deeper by including partial matches next to indeterminate [-] checkboxes. You may then check the indeterminate box to assign the tag/category to everything selected or uncheck to remove.

Easier process for adding additional templates

We're going to write a separate blog post to explain this in greater detail, but in 0.9.3 you may notice a subtle change to the "Add links" sheet in Site. Templates that can be re-used to create new page links now incorporate a small [+] button. Click the button and you may create a separate page displaying albums assigned a particular category, or a content page of images assigned a particular tag. This greatly simplifies a process that once required an entirely different interface.

What else?

There's a whole lot more on 0.9.3 to read about in our release notes. Check it out.

What's next?

Alongside this update we've also been working on a number of new features for our next major console release, 0.10. We've got some nice stuff brewing, which we'll share as part of a sneak preview blog post soon.

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