Koken 0.10 will be our next major console update. Scheduled to drop in early September, this release will incorporate a bunch of great new features. Here's a few highlights you can expect to see soon.

Timeline new — Timeline is a new Lens template that displays your latest images/videos, albums, and essays in a unified stream. Create a new album, publish an essay, upload an image, or add content to an album created a month ago — each action automatically publishes a Timeline event so visitors may browse everything that's new on a single page.

Below is a Timeline example from the Elementary theme. Visitors may click on the album, image or essay for a closer look.

Improved site browsing by tag and category new — Koken 0.10 will also add new Lens templates for Tags and Categories. This will include index pages that list them all, plus detail pages where site visitors may view all content — images/videos, albums and essays — that are assigned a particular tag or category. We're also greatly improving content browsing within tags and categories so that context is always retained.

Featured essay images from Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram and more new — Featured essay images were a new feature in Koken 0.9. Koken 0.10 will take them a step further by extending support to videos embedded from Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu as well as images embedded from Instagram and Flickr. Simply embed a video/image like you normally would and Koken will automatically create a featured image for the essay.

Auto-updatable plugins new — Just like site themes and the console itself, plugins will soon be updatable as well. You'll be able to instantly download and apply new plugin versions as soon as they're released.

Draft saves for published essays new — Everyone knows the feeling of losing their internet when they're right in the middle of editing something (hint: it sucks). Koken 0.10 will mitigate disaster by auto-saving edits made to published essays so you can safely make changes without losing your work.

Independent content filter new — We're making it easier to see which uploaded images/videos haven't been included in an album by adding "Independent" to the Library's Filter menu. This will make it easy to catch uncollected content which may then be edited however you want.

More to come! — We'll be explaining all of these features in greater detail plus a round-up of other fixes and additions in the near future. We'll keep you in the loop.

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