Koken 0.10 includes some fundamental changes to how site content is paginated and viewed when using tags and categories. Here's an overview detailing what's changed.

Let's begin with an example. The content.lens template has always served as the permalink page for individual images and videos. Its baseline url looks like this:


Include the image/video in an album and it can then be viewed with a url like this:


If the theme you are using includes the necessary template tags, content.lens would note that the image/video is being viewed in the context of an album and provide the necessary pagination to view sibling images/videos in the same album.

But what about tags and categories? In Koken 0.9 and earlier if you were viewing a content archive page (archive.content.lens) and clicked on an image/video, the baseline url (displayed above) was used. This caused context to be lost, so if you clicked on pagination links (eg, "Previous", "Next") in content.lens you'd no longer be viewing images/videos within the tag or category that originally brought you there.

Koken 0.10 rectifies this by ensuring that all individual assets don't lose their context. So now instead of the baseline content url, navigating to an individual image/video through an archive page now looks something like this:


Click on pagination links in content.lens and you'd then see more images/videos within /tags/tag-title/.

Search engines

So if content can be accessed through more than one url, how do you keep search engines from indexing each url and generating duplicate links? We've taken care of that by automatically publishing "canonical" link tags in any theme you choose. Example:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://kokensite.com/content/image-title/">

What these tags do is instruct search engines to always use a particular url when indexing a page. Other urls pointing to the same content are ignored. That ensures not only cleaner search results for your site but also prevents broken links should an image/video be removed from an album, tag or category.

Essays and albums

We've only talked about images and videos, so what about individual essays and albums? The answer is yes — we've extended the same linking behavior to them too so you may browse sibling albums and essays assigned the same cateogy or tag.


So there you have it. At the end of the day our goal was to ensure that tag and category queries were just as powerful as albums for deeper, more contextual archives of content.

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