New in Koken 0.10 is an "Expand" option for Pulse (our configurable slideshow component). This option allows Pulse slideshows to automatically expand and contract their height to display every image at their native aspect ratio without shrinkage.

Here's how Pulse slideshows are typically sized. By selecting 3:2 (the default), a slideshow scales 100% wide to fill its container, then assigns a height equal to the opposing ratio size. In the screenshot below, the slideshow's column is 600px wide, which creates a slideshow 600px wide by 400px high. When a 3:2 image is loaded it fills the entire area of the slideshow. Load a portrait image and the image is the same height as the landscape, but contains fewer pixels comparatively with a width of 267px and height of 400px.

Now we'll change the size to "Expand". When the portrait image loads, the slideshow expands down to display it at a height that matches the width of the initial 3:2 image. This displays the portrait image 150% larger than it was before for a new dimension of 400 x 600px.

This option can be turned on with any Pulse slideshow, but we only recommend using it on pages where the slideshow is the main feature as opposed to essays, for the expansion and contraction of the slideshow's container will cause content underneath to move downward and upward.

Photos by Mike Monaghan. Creative Commons.

Categories: Updates, v10