Koken 0.10 released

Koken continues to push forward with the release of Koken 0.10 — an update that introduces lots of new features and improvements. We teased these already in our sneak preview, but here's a quick list of what's in the bag.

  • Timeline — New template and data source that displays a unified stream of your latest albums, essays and individual images and videos.
  • Content browsing by tag/category — Albums, essays, images and videos may now be paginated and browsed within the context of a tag or category.
  • Featured essay images from Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram and more — Insert a video or image from outside of Koken's Library and a featured essay image will be created and assigned for you.
  • Updatable plugins — Official plugins now remotely update just like themes and the console.
  • Drafts for published essays — Edits to published essays may now be saved as drafts.
  • Independent content filter — Display Library uploads that aren't in an album.
  • Pulse slideshows that expand/collapse - Pulse can now expand and collapse its height to display slideshow content at their native dimensions.
  • Splash slideshow template for Regale - Displays a full screen slideshow of your featured images.

For a detailed list of everything (and we mean everything) changed in Koken 0.10, check out the release notes. Expect a series of follow-up posts that take a closer look at some of the new features in this release.

Categories: Updates, v10