The recently released Koken 0.10 includes an update to our popular Regale theme that incorporates a new full screen slideshow template. Designed to be used for site splash pages, the slideshow loads featured content from the Library and cycles through images when clicked. Here's a screenshot.

The slideshow uses our Pulse slideshow component so you can adjust its speed, duration and other properties. Simply click the slideshow's options button in Site to open its edit panel.

Speaking of settings, we created a separate set of header and footer color settings just for the splash page. That way you can change the text colors to a style that's most appropriate for your photography without affecting the rest of your site.

How to add the template

If you're a Regale user, follow these steps to make the template the front of your web site.

  1. Add images to "Featured content" in the Library. Arrange in whatever order you'd like.
  2. Click on "Add links" in the left column of Site.
  3. Click on the "Add" button next to the "Full screen splash page" template.
  4. Name the page whatever you'd like, then click "Add link".
  5. Hover over the new splash page link in the left column of Site, then click its options (gear) button. Select "Assign as front page".
  6. To then remove the page from your navigation, hover over the link again and click its options button. Select "Hide Link".
  7. Click the "Publish changes" button at the bottom right of Site.

If you then need to adjust the colors of the text or apply a background color to the top/bottom, open the theme's settings, click on "Template", then modify any of the settings you see in "Splash".

There you go! A new splash page of your featured content you can update anytime in the Library to update your live site.

Photo by Luis Hernandez. Creative Commons.

Categories: Themes, Updates, v10