One of the interesting bits of user feedback we received about the timeline in Koken 0.10 concerned published timestamps for Library content. As developed initially, uploaded images/videos appeared as timeline events the day they were uploaded. Or in the case of albums and sets, the day they were created. This wasn't an issue when uploading, creating and publishing content all on the same day, but some users temporarily set their Library content's visibility to Unlisted or Private to make edits before taking them live. This would cause old timestamps to be used when their Library content was published.

So in Koken 0.10.3 (out today) we've added an editable "Published" date to all Library items (albums, sets, images and videos). This date captures the day/time the selected item appeared on your public web site. Unlisted and Private content aren't public, and thus display "Not published" instead of a timestamp. Change an item's visibility from Unlisted/Private to Public at any time and the Published date reflects the current day/time.

The net result? All Library content now display accurate timestamps when appearing as timeline events.

One more timeline related change while we have your attention. We've also tweaked our timeline event filtering to be a bit smarter when it comes to images/videos added to albums. There were certain situations where uploaded images/videos would still appear as individual content events, but Koken 0.10.3 resolves this by ensuring that any image/video that is part of an album never appears as its own event. Only uploaded images/videos that aren't part of any album now appear.

Koken 0.10.3 is out now and can be downloaded by following these instructions. Also check out our release notes for other changes.

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