Team Koken circa 1930. Library and Archives Canada, Creative Commons

Out today is Koken 0.11, our latest major console update. If you have an installation of Koken, sign-in and click the Install now button at the top of the console to get the latest. Most of the themes have been updated as well, so while you're in there click over to Site > Themes to update those too.

For this release our team decided to take a couple of steps back, pop open the hood and dig deep into the core of the application. Instead of adding new features we focused all our attention on what's been developed thus far to find ways to improve and optimize. We not only improved general application performance, but also fine-tuned the app for each of the most popular web hosting providers where Koken is typically installed.

Our to-do list also contained a number of small bugs and quirky things we'd been meaning to get to, so we rolled some of those in as well. If you'd like to read all the details, or are just having a hard time falling asleep, check the release notes.

With 0.11 out the door we'll now be focusing all our attention on the launch of the Koken Store, which we'll be publishing more information about soon. We'll also be releasing a series of major console upgrades over the next few months, each containing new features and functionality.

As always, thanks to our community of users who help support and recommend Koken to their friends, clients and colleagues. If you have any questions or issues, post a question here. Happy new year!

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