Updates in your inbox

We know, you're busy. You don't always have time to sign-in to your Koken installation, follow this blog or peruse our social media outbursts to check for updates. We're going to fix that.

Starting today a new email is available for you to subscribe to. When enabled, we'll check (once a week) the installations, themes and plugins in your Koken Store account. If anything is out of date we'll email a summary of what we found. Here's an example email:

Important: This email is opt-in, so if you have a Koken Store account and would like to receive it, sign-in to your account and check this:

If you don't have a Koken Store account, sign-in to your Koken installation, click the Store link in the main navigation, then Account in the left column.

Expect to receive your first email the next time an installation, theme or plugin in your account receives an update. Happy downloading!

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