Koken 0.12, the first release to incorporate the Koken Store, is now available for download. We've talked about the Store already, so this post will focus on the other improvements you will see after updating your installation.

Theme and plugin updates

All your installed themes and plugins are now updated through a dedicated Updates page. Themes and plugins were updatable before, but now everything is organized together on a single page with release notes, version information, plus an Update All button that downloads and installs everything with one click.

The screen is accessed through the Koken Store. You will be notified anytime an update is available with an orange alert bubble (shown above) over the Store link reflecting the total number of available items.


You may be wondering, hey, where'd the Upload link go!? Yes, it's true, the main navigation no longer includes an Upload link. We redesigned and improved uploading in Koken 0.12 to not only import videos from Vimeo and images from Instagram but also make desktop uploading easier and more convenient.

Dragging an image into an empty album

Now you don't have to go to a separate screen to upload content from your desktop. You simply drag-and-drop images or videos into the Library's middle column and the items begin uploading immediately. For bonus points, if an album is currently selected, the images are automatically added to the selected album after import. Same goes for Favorites and Featured content - imported content is automatically favorited and/or featured for you.

On top of all that we've also added an option for importing images from anywhere online using their URL, which you can read more about in our new Import content help article.


Another item on our agenda was improving Koken's built-in lightbox viewer. We redesigned the links and icons to be brighter so they stand-out more above images and also added a new social media share menu which contains links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ so site visitors can easily share lightbox content with their followers.

We've also improved how the lightbox loads. Before, the lightbox was treated as a separate page, which meant after exiting the lightbox you would sometimes lose your place when navigating back to where you were. Now the lightbox is spawned as an inline iframe above the page you're currently viewing, so on index pages with long lists of content (like mosaic grid layouts in Madison and Regale) entering and exiting the lightbox no longer takes you out of the parent page.


Those are the feature highlights of Koken 0.12. There are a few other smaller things in this release, which you may check out in our release notes. Also don't forget to visit the new Koken Store, which includes entirely new versions of our popular Madison and Regale themes plus four new premium plugins: Image WatermarksVimeo ImportInstagram Import and Image Protector.