Editing the published, uploaded and captured dates for individual images has always been possible with Koken, but not with multiple images at a time. For those uploading large amounts of archival content it was an issue that could easily lead to an arduous editing process.

Not anymore. Koken 0.13 not only allows you to assign new dates to multiple images at once, but shift existing dates forward and backward in time. Here's how it works.

Assign new date and time

Select two or more images, then edit Date Published. The default option is Assign new date and time. Select a date and time from the calendar widget and each selected image receives the same date and time.

Shift each date and time

Select Shift each date and time and a series of rows appear to increment or decrement the date and time currently assigned to each image. This will be super useful in situations where a sequence of images are in the correct date order but need to be shifted forward or backward in time together without affecting their original order.

Assign date captured

Edit Date Published for one or more images and you'll notice an extra option: Assign date captured. This copies the captured date from each image (which comes from the image's EXIF metadata). We included this option because images on the timeline and contents (aka photostream) pages are ordered by date published, which is usually the same date an image was uploaded to Koken. By copying date captured the image appears to have been published at the time it was captured so it's inline with related images.

If this is your first Koken upgrade, learn more about how upgrades work.

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