Koken offers the unique ability to designate albums, sets, images and videos as unlisted. This allows you to publish content to your site that can't be seen by general visitors or search engines. Unlisted content can only be viewed using secret urls.

In general it works great, but there's always room for improvement. One of the things we've learned from the past year is that the relationship between unlisted images/videos and albums can be confusing. We're planning on improving unlisted content in our next major update (0.14), but before committing pen to paper, we thought we'd share our proposed changes to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Here's where people typically get confused. Time and time again we've seen users create unlisted albums, then add images/videos to those albums and expect the images/videos to be unlisted as well. This doesn't happen because images, videos, albums and sets all have their own visibility setting. So you'd have to first create an unlisted album, add the images/videos you want, then edit the visibility of all images/videos inside the album to unlisted to publish a truly unlisted collection of content. In other words, it's a pain.

Here's our plan for fixing this.

Unlisted albums may only include unlisted images/videos

Public images/videos will no longer be allowed inside unlisted albums. In order for them to be added they must have unlisted visibility. Which leads to our next change...

Public images/videos will become unlisted when added to unlisted albums

If you drag/drop one or more public images/videos into an unlisted album, or import images/videos directly to an unlisted album, Koken will automatically set their visibility to unlisted.

Changing an album from public to unlisted

Let's say you have a public album containing public images and/or videos. If you try to change the album's visibility to unlisted, Koken will ask permission: "Unlisted albums may not contain public content. All public content in this album will change to Unlisted if applied. That okay?" Click okay and the album and all its images/videos will change to unlisted and be no longer accessible through your public site. 


That's our plan. We believe it will make editing and publishing unlisted content clearer and easier to control. If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions, please contact us directly or post a question publicly. 

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