Koken 0.13.2 released

Koken 0.13.2 is out the door and now available for download. This release includes a couple of notable improvements and updates:

Global preference for date published / captured

Our last update added batch date editing and shifting, with an additional option to copy captured dates to published dates so images appear in contents and timeline pages using the date they were actually taken, not the date they were uploaded and published by Koken. We've expanded this with a new global preference for those who'd prefer their images to always be published by their captured date. Check it out in Settings > Importing.

Update button

We've also updated Settings > Console so it displays the version number of your installation, plus an update button that appears when new versions of Koken are made available. This makes it easier to check whether your installation is up to date or download updates if you ignored an earlier alert.

Categories: Updates