We've learned a lot since releasing our first public beta a year ago. Throughout the year we fixed bugs, improved features and expanded the platform with new functionality. More often than not, that transpired all at once in the form of overstuffed updates.

Sometimes in development there's no way to avoid big updates when features overlap one another, but all too often we found ourselves with new features and improvements sitting on the sidelines waiting for other tickets to close. On top of that, big updates create huge spikes and valleys in development cycles which can overheat and exhaust the engines of everyone involved.

So, we're retooling our release cycle for the rest of the year. The plan? Shorter sprints comprised of one or two new features per update, then pulling the trigger. This will not only allow us to release improvements faster (every few weeks, we estimate) but also help you keep on top of what's new without having to sift through a giant bullet point list every couple of months.

We'll still be including bug fixes and other tweaks, so nothing will change there. But anything that's new or notable will have its own dedicated milestone and release.

Already that effort is paying off. Our next point update -- 0.13 -- is nearly finished. It will incorporate the ability to assign time-shifted dates to multiple selections in the Library. This will be enormously helpful when you need to adjust the published, uploaded, or captured date for a range of images and videos. Expect more info on that soon.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and feedback. Our to-do list is long, but we're super excited to start tackling each and every new feature in the year ahead.

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