About a week ago we published proposed changes to unlisted content to improve usability. We asked for feedback, and in the days that followed received a lot of great suggestions and real-world examples of how our proposed changes would help (and in some cases hurt) workflow. So we went back to the drawing board.

Here's our new plan:

Continue to allow public content in unlisted albums

Nothing would change here. You would still be able to mix public and unlisted content together in an unlisted album. You'll also be able to continue mixing public and unlisted content in public albums as well (which we weren't planning on changing).

Public images/videos will become unlisted when added to unlisted albums only if they are new

If an image or video is imported directly to an unlisted album through either your browser or the Lightroom plugin, that image / video will be assigned unlisted visibility to match its parent album. You may then change the image/video visibility to public thereafter, should you choose to do so, and the image/video will stay in the album.

If one or more (already imported) public images/videos are added to an unlisted album, Koken will ask if you'd like to change their visibility to match. If not, the images/videos will be added. If yes, the images/videos will be added and changed to unlisted.

Changing an album from public to unlisted

Koken will check to see if the album contains public images/videos. If it does, Koken will ask if you'd like to assign unlisted visibility to all content in the album as well. If not, that's okay. The album will change to unlisted and the images/videos inside will be left alone.

New "Unlisted" view in the Library

Collections have this already, but not content. We're going to add an "Unlisted" view to the Library's left column that -- when selected -- displays all unlisted images/videos. This will also allow us to change the default sort of "All content" to "Date published" (instead of "Date captured") so that what you see in the Library matches the "Date published" order of your site's contents (aka photostream) page and timeline.

Extend global visibility setting to albums

Inside Settings > Importing is a setting that controls default visibility. This setting (currently) applies to imported images/videos only. As part of this update we're going to extend this setting to cover albums as well. That way, if a publisher changed this setting to unlisted and published a new album of images from Lightroom, the album and all the images contained therein would be unlisted from the get-go.


We feel this approach still accomplishes the goals we set out originally, but does so in a manner that doesn't conflict with anyone's current workflow and maintains Koken's flexibility in regard to content management in the library. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to get in touch. Our plan is for these changes to be rolled into Koken 0.14, our next console update.

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