Jumpstarter.io is a new provider that takes a different approach to website hosting and publishing. You sign-up for a free or paid account, create a project, pick which content management system you'd like to use, and go. And starting today, Koken is available for any Jumpstarter project.

Their pricing is comparatively higher, but Jumpstarter's service is all about convenience. They setup your server, database, and all the other important bits for you. Pick Koken for your project, enter the database details they provide, and you're up and running quickly without ever touching an FTP client. 

One of the nice features they offer is a free plan (with limited page views) so anyone can setup Koken (or any other CMS) and have a look around at no cost with relatively little hassle.

Jumpstarter isn't of course your only option. Koken can be self-installed at most web hosting providers, of which we've had great results with InMotion, MediaTemple, Dreamhost and GoDaddy. All are comparatively less with more disk space, but setup is your responsibility.

No matter where you choose to setup Koken and publish a site there are plenty of options to choose from!