Visibility allows you to control the appearance of images, videos, albums and sets on your Koken site. It's a feature that's been around since the beginning of the beta, but we decided it needed a bit more polish to help clarify its purpose and make it easier to use.

How does visibility work?

In a nutshell, every image, video, album and set in Koken's library includes an editable visibility property.

Public (default) content can be seen on your public web site by anyone, including search engines.

Unlisted content is not visible to the general public or search engines and can only be viewed on your site through a secret URL.

Private (images/videos only) content is not published anywhere on your site and visible only to you inside the library.

Redesigned Library interface

The left column in Koken's Library has been updated with new options (and icons by our good friend Jon Hicks) to help differentiate which content is public, unlisted and private.

Content displays all your published images and videos. These are items with Public visibility. Images/videos are (now) published in the same order (Date Published) as the calendar-based templates on your site.

Unlisted displays all images and videos with Unlisted visibility. You can drag-and-drop images and videos here to immediately change their visibility to Unlisted.

Private displays all images and videos with Private visibility. Like Unlisted you can drag-and-drop items here too.

Importing new images/videos

One of the biggest improvements in this release is how newly imported images/videos are handled. Import an image or video directly to an unlisted album and the content's visibility matches its parent album (Unlisted).

We've also added a global visibility setting for newly created albums and sets so you may choose whether collections are created as Public or Unlisted.

Together, these additions allow albums of unlisted content to be created and published together at the same time, which should prove especially useful for those using our Lightroom publish service plugin.

Album visibility improvements

We've also improved how content is handled when changing an album from Public to Unlisted or vice versa. Change an album to Unlisted and Koken will ask if you'd also like to change all content to Unlisted as well. The same happens in reverse when changing an album to Public.

This change will make site publishing faster and easier so you may publish an entire collection of unlisted content quickly.


We hope these changes make publishing unlisted collections of content easier and more intuitive. As usual, thank you to all our beta testers who provided feedback and suggestions concerning visibility. Your contribution helped us develop a better, more well-rounded solution for all.

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