In publishing and in life, telling half a story is usually better. Koken's new "read more" links (now available in version 0.15) allow you to breakup essays into previews and full posts. Simply press return anywhere in an essay, click, then select the ellipsis.

Inserting read more link

When published your site's essays index and archive pages display everything up to your break point. Readers may then click a "read more" link to read the full post.

Read more link in essay

The more link's label is editable and contextual with each essay, so your call-to-action can reflect your own tone, voice and personality.

Start using 'read more' links today by updating your Koken installation to 0.15. Then if you're using one our themes, click on Store inside Koken and hit the updates page to bring your theme up-to-date. If using your own theme, here's the new template tag you'll need to support this.

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