Our premium Regale 2 theme has been updated to include a new cover image option for albums, sets, essays and pages. Here's a preview of what it looks like.

Cover image and title for an album

When enabled for albums or sets the collection's primary cover image is used for a background that scales to fill the browser's viewport. The collection's title, description, topics, categories, tags and social media share links are layered on-top. Site visitors may then view a collection's content by scrolling down manually or automatically by clicking the collection's title or down arrow.

When enabled for essays or pages the article's featured image is displayed along with similar text and links (title, excerpt, etc). If an essay or page doesn't have a featured image a cover isn't displayed.


The title of the collection, essay or page that appears on top of the image automatically downscales and upscales to point sizes that are appropriate for mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Regale's settings includes sliders (see below) that control the title's minimum and maximum point size should you want to make changes.

Minimum and maximum point size sliders for cover title

Background color

Another bit of creative control Regale offers is a background layer that sits between the cover image and text. The layer is completely transparent by default, but may be modified to use a color and custom alpha value for semi-opaque background images.

Configurable background color and transparency

Responsive scaling

Covers automatically scale to the height of the browser's viewport across all screen sizes from the largest desktop to the smallest mobile device. Like every other image on your site, Koken provides smaller cover background images that are optimized for smaller screen sizes. Need to adjust the cover image's crop? You can do so easily by assigning a focal point in the Library.


Covers are included in the latest version of Regale 2, which existing users may download through the integrated Store. Cover images are turned off for backwards compatibility but may be turned on through the Template area of the theme settings panel.

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