New theme: Axis 2

Since the beginning of the Koken public beta, Axis has been one of our most popular themes. It's a quiet, intentionally simple theme that combines center-aligned content with ample amounts of whitespace. It turns down the volume, and attempts to focus the viewer's attention on each and every image; similar to the experience of browsing a photo book or viewing a gallery exhibit.

Today we're excited to offer Axis 2, a completely revised version of the original Axis that maintains everything people loved about the original while extending and enhancing its design and customization options.

Here are a few of the new features included in Axis 2.

Grid layout control

Grids on content pages are now editable, allowing you to control the number of columns across all screen sizes, spacing, and the relative width of each column.

Redesigned mobile navigation

Visitors on smartphones may now browse your site through a persistent scroll-down menu that appears when clicking a button at the top. Mobile navigation also includes pagination buttons to scroll back to top or down to the next published item from anywhere in the page.

This menu appears automatically when a smartphone views your site, but you have the option of making this your primary navigation across all screens (as illustrated above) should you want even more whitespace and simplicity in your site design.

Daily snapshots

In addition to grid, list and slideshow layouts you also have the option of displaying your latest images, favorites, essays and timeline content as daily snapshots. This allows web site visitors to step through content one item at a time by day to help focus a viewer's attention.

Dynamic pagination, image heights

A common request from users of the original Axis was to help keep images from extending "beyond the fold" and allow pagination across pages without reloading the entire page (and then having to scroll down again). Axis 2 resolves both of these requests with images that scale automatically so they're never taller than a viewer's browser window and pagination links load neighboring content dynamically without page reloads.

More templates

Axis 2 adds additional templates for publishing a timeline, tags index, categories index, tag archive, category archive, and an alternate version of the home page slideshow that displays (and links to) featured albums instead of featured content.


Those are all the major new features you'll find in Axis 2. This is a premium theme priced at $60, which includes free technical support and upgrades. Check out the Axis 2 live demo to get an up close look at the new theme.

For users of the original Axis you may continue using the free theme for as long as you like, and we'll continue to update the theme with bug fixes and any necessary template improvements to reflect changes made to our Lens markup language.

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