Pillar is a JavaScript library we developed for publishing mosaic grid page layouts in Koken themes. We've been using it internally for our own premium themes including Axis, Madison and Regale, and have been steadily improving and enhancing its functionality throughout the year. Today we're pleased to share new documentation to help designers and developers use Pillar in their own custom Koken themes.

Why we developed Pillar

There are a number of awesome JavaScript libraries out there for accomplishing similar results including Masonry, Wookmark and others. Pillar however is different for it's designed especially for responsive page layouts. It's super lightweight and positions elements naturally within columns instead of relying on intensive math to position elements absolutely within a container. You can also easily set breakpoints to control the number of columns displayed across any range of mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.

Get going

Pillar is built-into every installation of Koken, so there's nothing for you to setup or install. Simply follow along with our documentation to integrate it into your custom theme. If you have any questions or feedback about Pillar, we'd love to hear it, and encourage you to get in touch.

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