Our latest Koken update - v.0.18 - is out and ready for download. This release includes a few notable improvements that are worth pointing out.

Design facelift for HiDPI/Retina screens

Koken's entire interface has been updated with SVGs for all icons and buttons plus higher resolution images to support HiDPI / Retina displays. This makes the interface super sharp and smooth, even on standard resolution displays. A number of icons had to be completely redrawn from scratch in order to make the transition, but it was absolutely worth the effort. Koken users with late-model MacBook Pros should see a big difference.

While the hood was open we also took the opportunity to make subtle style improvements throughout the interface. All of the loading icons have been redesigned to use the "O" in our logo, gradients have been flattened, and drop shadows have been dropped. We also killed the extra footer row at the bottom of the UI to create more vertical room for content.

Tag deletion

As the old song says, it's been a long time coming, but tags can now finally be deleted. You've always been able to remove tags from content, but until now there wasn't a way to permanently delete tags from the database.

To delete a tag, simply edit any piece of content containing the tag, then click the delete link to its right. The tag will be removed from any/all images, videos, albums, sets or essays and then deleted from the back-end.

Discard draft theme settings

We've updated the theme settings panel to include a new Discard edits button. The button appears anytime a theme's draft has unpublished settings edits. Click it and the draft reverts to the live version of your site. Makes it easy to test and discard edits without worrying about screwing up your site.

ICC profile optimizations

In case you didn't know, Koken maintains the appearance of your original images by copying and applying their ICC color profiles to all duplicate images generated from them. For example, this allows an sRGB image to stay sRGB, no matter the size. While important, this step had a drawback in that it could cause slowness in image publishing; especially with large images. So we went back and improved the ICC profile process to be less intensive and faster, which helps make image publishing faster overall. This new profile retention setup will apply to all new images you import using Koken 0.18 and will also be applied to any older images in your Library that are regenerated and cached.


This release also includes the usual round of small bug fixes and optimizations, which you can read about in our release notes. For newer users who are upgrading for the first time, here's how.