Hot off the press, a new version of Koken is now available. This release, version 0.19, includes notable improvements in two key areas: content sorting and links.

Content sorting

To say we've "improved" content sorting is an understatement. We've redesigned sorting from top-to-bottom to more effectively meet your needs.

View any album, set, or even the root list of public albums in the Library, and you'll now see this:

Library sorting

The "Sort" button has been relocated from the top of the Library interface to the bottom and expanded to reflect the sort criteria currently assigned. The old "Sort" button only affected your current view (for editorial purposes). The new button does the same but also changes site order.

You may also now sort collections individually. For example, one album may be sorted by "date captured", another by drag-and-drop, and so on. This allows you to select whatever sort criteria is most appropriate for the content each collection contains.

Will the new sorting affect my current site?

If your site is published with sort filters assigned to index templates like Albums, Sets, etc, the automatic sort you've assigned there will be transferred over and applied to the source Library content. For example, if your Albums page is currently sorted by "Title", then after this upgrade your albums in the Library will also be sorted "Title". That way sorting preferences applied in Site aren't lost as part of the transition.

Content link editing

Content links -- or more specifically, their "slugs" -- are now editable in Koken 0.19.

These slimy little suckers are generated automatically by Koken using content titles or filenames when new content is published. These slug assignments were permanent, and could not be edited thereafter without deleting and recreating content with different titles.

Koken 0.19 makes this a thing of the past by allowing slug editing for images, videos, albums, sets, essays and pages. You'll now find an "edit" link under site links, as shown below:

Click edit and a panel will appear for you to input your new slug.

All links on your site will then use the new slug. If a page with an edited slug is requested using its old link, the content will still load, but an invisible canonical link will be inserted into the page's markup to alert search engines that a newer, preferred URL should be indexed instead.


We know that many Koken users were waiting for both of these improvements, and greatly appreciate everyone's patience and feedback. If you have any questions or issues with this release, don't hesitate to get in touch. If this is your first time updating Koken, you may find instructions for doing so here.