After a few weeks of beta testing and previews, we're happy to announce that the Password Protect plugin for Koken is now available to all via the Koken Store. Like all of our themes and plugins, it can be installed without ever leaving your browser, meaning you can purchase the plugin and enable password protection for your Koken site in a matter of minutes.

Ready to get started? Then head over to the Koken Store product page for the Password Protect plugin to purchase and install the plugin. If you want a little more info on what the plugin does, read on.

Protect your entire site, or just parts of it

The plugin works in one of two ways. First, you can protect your entire Koken site. In this mode, any visitor attempting to access any page of your site – an album, an essay, anything – will need to enter the password before they can enter. This is useful for family sites or other scenarios where you are sharing content with a select group of people. Or, you may want to password protect your entire site while you are initially getting setup, then disable the password protection only when you are ready to open your site to the general public.

For those who need selective password protection, you can instead choose to assign passwords to individual albums and sets in the Library. You may also setup a "master password" that works like a skeleton key for viewing any password protected album or set. Adding a password to an album or set is simple, it's built right into the Library's inspector.

Supported by any Koken theme  

You can begin using the plugin right away, no theme changes are required. The plugin includes a simple, clean login template that will work with any Koken theme. Our premium themes – Axis 2, Madison 2, and Regale 2 – have been updated with custom login templates to match their unique style.


So that's Password Protect. You can purchase it today at the Koken Store for only $35, which includes free technical support and upgrades.