Two new updates are available today for Koken users. First, we've released Koken 0.20.4 with a few important fixes. See a full list of the updates at the release notes page.

Also, there's a new update for our recently released Password Protect plugin. Early users of the Password Protect plugin asked if their password protected albums and sets could be made discoverable through their public site. In response, we've added the ability to add a custom albums index to display just the password protected albums in your Library:

Once added, the list of protected albums will be visible to any user who visits your site. They will only be prompted for a password when they click an album to view its content. With this in place, you can send any client a link to your site and they can find their album, then enter the password you've provided them.

For instructions on how to publish a page of protected collections, check out the plugin's guide. You'll find a detailed walkthrough at the end of the article.

If you are a new Koken user and need help upgrading, check out our updating instructions for both Koken itself and Store plugins.