Several new updates are available today for Koken users. We've released Koken 0.21.9 with a few important fixes. See a full list of the updates at the release notes page. At the request of many Koken users, we added many new language packs to our Premium Themes. Our Premium Themes now produce websites in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Danish. Many thanks to Bjarne Varöystrand of the Koken Community Support forum for contributing the Scandinavian language translations. 

There's a new update for our recently released Cart plugin. We've improved the ability to select images available for sale, added the ability to run Stripe in test mode and enabled persistent download links for previously purchased images. Keep the feature requests coming as we continue to develop this exciting enhancement. 

We also updated the Image Protector plugin to fix a display issue when used with custom padding and restored its functionality when used with the Cart plugin. Finally, an Email Endpoints plugin update now adds the verified sender address setting required by Mandril.

The NetObjects Family wishes you peace, prosperity and happiness this holiday season and throughout the new year.