Koken can now populate its image cache ahead of time, resulting in dramatically increased initial page load speeds. Visitors will no longer need to wait for responsive images to be generated on demand.

How it works

From the Settings > Image publishing panel click the “Build image cache” button. Koken will then generate the most common image sizes & ratios and add them to the cache. Depending on the number of images in your Library this process might take a while.

Here's some background so you understand why what we're announcing today is so significant. Koken creates images by using the image processing software on your web server. This process generates up to 28 different versions of your images for optimum resolution and load times across all devices (phones, tablets, desktops, etc). Because of resource limitations inherent in a shared hosting environment, Koken generated each image on demand. This often led to slow page load times until the server generated and cached each image.

See a full list of the updates at the release notes page. For newer users who are updating for the first time, here's how