The ability to sell and ship prints, posters, framed art, or any other medium that suits your photos, has been the most requested enhancement to the Cart plugin. After launching the Cart plugin with support for digital downloads, adding support for physical items was our first priority. Today the Cart plugin has support for custom options and in this post we'll look at using this feature to enable selling of physical goods.

First you'll need the Cart plugin configured with your Stripe API keys. If you have not purchased the Cart plugin, why not take advantage of the $35 discount summer pricing.

From the Cart plugin settings screen, enabling custom order options allows you to create your own checkout options and pricing. These options can be used for common print sizes, larger posters, framed works, or any other medium you choose to offer.

Portfolio visitors will see a selection of options at the pricing set earlier. Stripe's streamlined checkout is a convenient and safe way to accept customer payments.

After a purchase Stripe will notify you that a payment has been accepted and you may now fulfill the order. All important order information, such as shipping address, photo filename and the print size is available in Stripe's payment dashboard.