We've been busy with important fixes since our last blog post. See a full list of the updates at the release notes page. Last week NetObjects crossed another item off the wish list by releasing search functionality for all Koken Premium themes. Don't have a Premium theme yet? Head over to the Koken Store and browse around, we're sure you'll find something amazing.

How it works

First, tag your images in Library with descriptive keywords. If you use Koken's Publish Service for Adobe Lightroom,  Koken saves Lightroom keywords as tags.

When you're ready go live, click on Site in Koken's main navigation. Open the Theme settings panel and activate "Show search". Publish changes and voila, your website now has awesome new functionality. 

If you are a new Koken user and need help upgrading, check out our updating instructions for both Koken itself and Store plugins.

Want to see how it looks on your theme? Check out our sample sites: Axis 2Madison 2Regale 2 and Boulevard 2